Allison "Cloak" Stark


Name: Allison Stark (born Allison Adamski)
Alias: CLOAK
Age: 20

Body 5
Mind 6
Soul 4

Attributes (87 points):

Item (Body Armor) – Armor 3, Emphasized -2. Total cost: 2 points. (Stops 12 points of damage from bullets, 3 points of damage from everything else)

Defence Combat Mastery 1 / 9 (Dependent: Invisibility -1)//Provides +1 defense while Allison’s cloak is up.

Features: Nondescript, 1 point.

Heightened Awareness 2 / 4 //Provides a +2 to all perception rolls.

Invisibility 6 / 35 (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch) Exclusive -1 (Humans)//Allison’s invisibility is a psychic nondetection field. It works against humans but not against electronic devices, and it furthermore does not fool psychic senses. Mechanically, most psychics still cannot actually see her, but she counts as “giving clues to her location” for purpose of finding her in combat, since she makes “psychic noise”.

Mind Shield 10 / 20 //Allison has basic Mind Shield training.

Computer Scanning 3 / 12 //Allison can communicate with the Internet aliens

Organizational Ties (Junior Agent) 2 / 4 //Allison outranks bureaucrats and consultants, but not anyone else at the Agency.

Sixth Sense (Psychic Powers) 1 / 2 //The ability to sense psychic powers being used within a 10-meter radius.

Resistance 5 / 6 (Optimized: Electricity -4) //For some reason Allison is resistant to electrocution. She reduces all electricity damage by 20 points, and rolls at +5 to resist being stunned by electric shocks. The Agency has tested her capabilities extensively.

Telepathy 1 / 3 (Range -1) //Allison possesses basic telepathy, but is not yet fully trained in its use. She can only read the mind of someone in very close proximity, less than a meter away.

Weapon: EMP
Level 3, Exclusive -1, Range 1, Spreading 3, Targeted 3. Total: 12 points.
//The ability to release a powerful burst of electromagnetic radiation, which damages up to 5 targets at once, provided they are grouped together. The EMP is harmless to humans, and damages only electronic equipment.

Weapon: Neural Disruption
Level 2, Stun 1, Enervation 1, Insidious 5, Deplete -2. Total 4 points.
//Allison has a neural stunning ability in her body’s electromagnetic field. By concentrating, she can zap people when she touches them. Using it costs 1 Energy Point.

Item: Weapon: Handgun
Weapon 3, Range 2. Total 3 points.
//A standard-issue handgun. Allison is terrible with it and prefers not to use it.

Skills (25 points):
Acrobatics (Flexibility) 1 / 2
Biological Sciences (Botany) 1 / 1
Domestic Arts (Cleaning) 1 / 1
Etiquette (Avoiding Trouble) 2 / 2
Law (Criminal Law) 1 / 3
Medical (First Aid) 1 / 2
Physical Sciences (Mathematics) 1 / 1
Social Sciences (Psychology) 1 / 1
Stealth (Moving Silently) 4 / 8
Visual Arts (Drawing) 4 / 4 //Allison has used art as a form of escapism her whole life. She’s really talented, and could have gone professional had not PSI gotten in the way.

Defects (-12 total):

Inept With Weapons -6 //Allison is not very good at wielding weapons, such as guns. Any Item-based weapon suffers a -2 penalty in her hands.

Less Capable: Soul – Charisma -2 //Allison is terrible at handling people. She takes a -2 penalty to Soul rolls dealing with forthright charisma.

Less Capable: Body – Strength -2 //Allison is in good overall shape, but she isn’t terribly strong. She takes a -2 penalty to Body rolls dealing with sheer physical strength.

Not So Tough -2 //Allison has 5 less Health than her stats would suggest.

TOTAL: 250 points

Derived Traits
Health: 40
Energy Points: 10
ACV: 5 / 3 (3 with Items)
DCV: 5 / 6 (6 while invisible)

Unarmed Strike, Accuracy 5, Damage 5 //A basic punch, that deals very little damage.

EMP Blast, Accuracy 5, Damage 40. //This attack affects only electronics. It creates an EMP burst that can hit up to 5 targets at once, so long as they’re close to each other. The central target suffers a -3 to Defense rolls (provided it gets any). Most stationary equipment has a static Defense of 6.

Neural Disruption, Accuracy 5, Damage 15 + 1 Energy Point
//This is effectively a taser that Allison can employ with her bare hands. It deals 15 points of stunning damage and also drains 1 EP from the target. It completely ignores armour. Using this ability costs 1 Energy Point.

Handgun, Accuracy 3, Damage 18. Range 100 meters.
//A standard handgun. Allison is not very good at handling it. Note that Allison does not have the Concealment Combat Technique, and simply carries her gun around in her purse.

Invisibility In Combat:
Attackers suffer a -6 to ranged attacks and a -3 to melee attacks when trying to target an invisible opponent. This penalty is reduced by Blind Fighting and Blind Shooting Techniques. Heightened Awareness, Heightened Sense, and Sixth Sense all reduce the penalty by 1/level, provided the sense affected could help the attacker.

Defenders take a -3 to defend vs. Allison unless A) They know they are under attack and the attack is ranged (dodging wildly) or B) They are capable of detecting Allison using a Sixth Sense. In either of these cases, they take a -1 to defend, instead.


Allison Adamski was a psychic since birth, born to a single mother and a deadbeat father. Her ability to cloak herself and avoid detection greatly puzzled her mother, who kept losing track of her toddler daughter – sometimes even when the child was standing right in front of her. The inexplicable events surrounding the child slowly drove her mother insane, and PSI to this day chides themselves for not intervening sooner – reports of a child crying, heard from nowhere, should have been a warning sign.

Around the time Allison was 10, her mother became obsessed with alien abductions and the paranormal. She claimed her daughter was an “alien parasite” and began beating her, and it was around this time that PSI finally took note of the unusual girl. They made sure she was placed in a foster home and kept tabs on her, looking for definite proof of psychic activity – which took time, as Allison deliberately suppressed her abilities, fearing that the Starks might react as her mother had done.

It took until late high school before Allison finally did something that caught PSI’s attention. She’d slowly made friends with her foster sister, Claire Stark, and when a group of older girls began bullying Claire, Allison stood up to them. The result was a short and brutal fistfight, which left the opponent twitching and foaming on the ground – Allison had unwittingly discovered another psychic power, that of delivering electric shocks.

This time PSI acted quickly, and “adopted” the girl. They took her straight to the Agency’s boot camp, and put her through a year of experiments and basic training – most of which only horrified Allison further, particularly since she spent large chunks of it strapped to an electric chair. Her electromagnetic manipulation seems to fascinate the Agency, and it was only to get out of more scientific testing that she signed up for field duty. A normal life is no longer an option – Allison is an Agent of PSI for life, and she’s smart enough to know all she can do is adapt to the situation. Still, she does her best to keep contact with the Starks – the only people she feels have ever truly cared for her. They believe she’s gone to college on a special scholarship.


Evelyn Adamski, birth mother. Allison has no contact with her.

Jackson and Linda Stark, adoptive parents.

Claire Stark, foster sister and only real friend.

Mastermind, superior at PSI. Mastermind has been relatively kind to Allison, but hasn’t lifted a finger to stop the experiments, something which drives a wedge between them.

James “Link” Jerusalem and Emily “Havoc” Short. Allison has only just met these Agents, and they’re the first other recruits of PSI she’s really been in contact with. She’s eager to learn more about them, hoping maybe she can find a kindred spirit.

Allison "Cloak" Stark

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