Emily "Havoc" Short


Name: Emily Short
Alias: HAVOC
Age: 29

STATS (150 points)
Body 5
Mind 4
Soul 6

Attributes (105 points):

Attack Combat Mastery 1/10

Combat Techniques 3 / 6 (Blind Fighting, Hardboiled, Lightning Reflexes, Two Weapons)

Environmental Influence 1 / 2 (Heat) //Emily can turn any room into a sauna, should she so desire. It has no mechanical effect, but allows her to influence temperatures.

Features: Swiss Army Knife (using a Psi-Blade as a scalpel, lockpick, et cetera), 1 point.

Force Field 3 / 12 (Blocks Incorporeal +1, Regenerative; Absorbs 12 damage, Offensive) //Emily can surround herself with a force field that absorbs incoming damage. It’s weakened each time it is attacked, however. On a melee impact Emily can choose to explode the shield, causing 15 damage, and draining the shield completely.

Jumping 2 / 4 (10 m. jumping) //By telekinetically boosting her jumps, Emily is capable of leaping 10 times the distance of a normal human.

Melee Attack: Punching 1 / 3 //Emily is focused on melee attacks, primarily.

Mind Shield 2 / 4 (Absorbs 4 damage per level from psychic weapons)

Organizational Ties 3 / 6 (Senior Agent)

Resistance 2 / 4 //Emily’s body is physically hardened by her training regimes.

Sixth Sense 1 / 2 (Sense psionic energy; 10m radius)

Heightened Senses 1 / 2 (Hearing)

Special Movement 4 / 8 (Cat-Like, Light-Footed, Balance, Fast) //All of Emily’s special movements are based on the fact that she can telekinetically buffer her movements.

Superstrength 1 / 6 (Deplete -2) //By expending psychic energy, Emily can lift as much as 1 ton, or punch people really hard. Spending an energy point makes it last for 5 minutes.

Telekinesis 2 / 16 (10 kg of fine manipulation)

Telepathy 1 / 4 //Emily knows basic telepathy, but she isn’t capable of deep-scanning.

Tough 2 / 4

Weapon: Telekinetic Blast
Weapon lv. 3, Undetectable 3, Range 1, Detectable -1. Total: 9 pts. //The telekinetic blast is invisible to non-psychics, but gives off a powerful psychic signal when it’s used, hence being both undetectable and detectable. It reaches 10 meters.

Weapon: Psi-Blade
Weapon lv. 1, Penetrating 2, Piercing 1, Linked (unarmed) 1, Detectable -1. Total: 4 pts. //The Psi-Blade ignores 8 points of armour or force fields, but gives off a strong psychic signal.

Weapon: Pyrokinesis
Weapon lv. 1, Deplete -2, Continuing 2, Range 1. Total: 2 pts. //Far from Emily’s speciality, but she can light people on fire if she concentrates. It causes only small amounts of damage, and usually revolves around igniting their clothes or hair. Unlike her other attacks, though, it does not give off a strong emotional signature.

Weapon: Punch
Weapon lv. 2. Total: 2 pts. //An unarmed attack.

Skills: (Modern Day Law Enforcement) (33 points)
Acrobatics (Tumbling) 3 / 6
Burglary (Breaking and Entering) 2 / 6
Climbing (Buildings) 1 / 2
Driving (Very Fast) 2 / 6
Intimidation (Street) 2 / 4
Stealth (Concealment) 2 / 4
Street Sense (Gangs) 1 / 2
Swimming (Stamina) 3 / 3

Defects: (-10 points)
Less Capable – Composure -2. //Emily has trouble keeping a cool head, and sometimes loses it. She takes a -4 penalty to such Soul rolls.
Marked, -2 // Emilys powers manifest in her eyes, which glow slightly when she’s upset, excited, or otherwise in a heightened emotional state.
Vulnerability – Being sedated. -6 //Emily relies on an inner furnace to fuel her psychic powers; if she’s sedated, calmed, depressed, relaxed, or otherwise in a state of lowered adrenaline, all her psychic Attributes drop to one-half their usual rating, round down. Particularly sedative drugs are dangerous; if affected by such, Emily’s psychic powers completely disappear.

TOTAL: 284 points
Bonus Points: 4
Free: 2

Derived Traits
Health: 65
Energy Points: 10
ACV: 6/7 (7 with unarmed or psi-blade attack)
DCV: 5

Unarmed Strike (without psi-blade): Accuracy 7, damage 17 (19).
Unarmed Strike (with psi-blade): Accuracy 7, damage 22 (25), ignores 8 points of damage reduction.
Note: By spending 1 EP for a TK strength boost, Emily uses the damage in paranthesies.

Telekinetic Blast: Accuracy 6, damage 21. Non-psychics don’t get a defense roll against first attack, and roll subsequent defenses at -3. Psychics defend as normal. Range is up to 10 meters.

Pyrokinesis: Accuracy 6, damage 11. Costs 1 EP. Range is up to 10 meters. The attack is slow enough that non-psychics don’t suffer any penalties to defense. It sets the enemy on fire for 2 rounds, dealing 2 damage each round after the initial attack.


Emily Short was born into an influential family who wanted an heir. Her parents, Ernest and Emma Short, where president and co-president, respectively, in a corporate banking firm. Due to this Emily saw very little of their parents, the love she received was from her maids, Margrete and Thea, and her butler, Sebastian.

Emily had everything one could ask for. Except parental attention. Therefor she did what any kid would have done, she tried to get attention. Starting fights, doing pranks, and so forth. Which resulted her to get kicked out of schools, even with her parents immense influence.

Every time her parents spent even a smidge of time with her, all she felt was disappointment. Her parents wanted an heir to their company, how ever all they ever felt that they got, was a reckless violent and rage-driven young girl.

At the age of 8 Emily had enough. She left, ran away from home. She stole as much money as she could. She wasn’t the smartest kid, how ever she made it as far as to the slums of a city she had never been to before. She lived as a street rat, stealing and checking dumpsters to survive. She soon realized that she possessed psychic powers.

Her psychic abilities responded very well to anger, as she noticed. This continued for roughly 6 years, stealing to survive, fighting for her life, kill or be killed. She was picked up by the PSI Agency, for they saw the potential to forge her into a weapon for the agency. Most of her atrocities where hushed up by said agency.

She was put through rigourous training, physically and mentally. The mental training mainly allowed her to focus her telekinetic powers into a physical form, that of blades and the likes. The agency believed that through training her mind and body, they could control her anger, thus controlling her…

They where wrong… She was uncontrollable, her rage made her prone to poor judgement. During missions she would endanger teamates and cause too much of a ruckos. As a last ditch effort, they teamed her up with agent Ray “Gate” Reagen, and his novice agent Jerusalem, it paid off…

While Ray “Gate” Reagen could handle Emily, through sedatives and a strong sense of leadership. I.E., he knew how to direct her anger during missions. James had little interest in Emily, other then making sure that she did not harm him, in her fits of anger.

At first Emily disliked James. His attitude was weak, and he was weak, physically. How ever, when Gate abandoned them during a mission, leaving a soon to be wounded Emily, with James Jerusalem, an asthmatic. Alone in the desert, they where forced to rely on one an other. Emily found her first real friend, someone she could count on.

After serving together on countless missions, the two where assigned a recruit, a young agent needed to shown the ropes. Along with a consultant. Emily for one, disliked the notion heavily, but learnt to live with it.


Sebastian the Butler – The only living remnants of the Short estate, which Emily has inherited, though she never used. She ran into him during a mission near London. She hasn’t told anyone, even her handler at the time, exactly what happened during that mission.

James “Link” Jerusalem – The first to ever see Emily more then something to be molded for their purposes, more then a weapon, more then an image of themselves. Emily doesn’t really understand why she trusts James as much as she does, all she knows is that when she hears “Em” echoing in her head, she calms down.

Mastermind – Emilys commander in cheif. Emily doesn’t trust Mastermind, at all, how ever she has little reason to dislike her.

Allison “Cloak” Stark – A young girl of extrodinary ability. Allison quickly received Emilys respect, for her ability to block out James’ telepathy.

Jasper “Silk” Grayson – Jasper is an odd case for Emily, he appears weak and frail. How ever, Emily has come to notice that his abilities are indeed useful.

Razor – An agent with some interesting passtimes. Havoc and Razor often trained, sparred. They became good at making it look harmless. But in the end, more then one stich was necessary. Emily never particurly liked Razor, but they did spend alot of downtime together, doing what they both where so darn good at, fighting.

Emily "Havoc" Short

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