James "Link" Jerusalem


Name: James Jerusalem
Alias: LINK
Age: 32

STATS: 150 points
Body 4
Mind 7
Soul 4

Attributes (Total 97):

Item (Body Armor) – Armor 3, Emphasized -2. Total cost: 2 points. //Stops 12 points of damage from bullets, 3 points of damage from everything else.

Aura of Inspiration 1 / 4 //Usable once per session, restores 2 EP to all allies, including self. James has some leadership skills.

Combat Techniques 2 / 4 (Concealment, Accurate Aim)

Energy Bonus 4 / 8

Features: Speed Reading, Lightning Calculator 2 / 2

Heightened Awareness 2 / 4 //James has a sharp presence of mind, and few things escape his notice.

Mind Shield 3 / 6 //Absorbs 12 damage of psychic damage, and offers a +3 to resist psychic powers.

Organizational Ties 3 / 6 (Senior Agent)

Power Flux: Skill Flux, Primal 1 / 12 (4 Flux Points to assign to any Skill) Restrictions: Environmental -2 (large quantity of people required), Unique Restriction (No Skill can be raised above 4 total using Skill Flux) -1. //By downloading information from people in his surroundings, James can learn some degree of any skill.

Ranged Attack (Handgun) 1 / 3

Sixth Sense (Area 2) 2 / 6 (Minds & Psychic Powers) // James is capable of sensing psychic activity in a radius of 100 meters, and can also pick up the presence of conscious thoughts in that area.

Supersense: Reflected Gaze 2 / 2 (Deplete -2). //By spending 1 Energy Point, James becomes capable of “bouncing” his vision off others, allowing him to see through the eyes of any one person within 100 meters or someone he has a link to. The ability lasts for up to 5 minutes.

Telepathy 4 / 21 Range 4, Targets 2 (+4 to Telepathy rolls, range up to 10 km, up to 5 targets at once) //James’ signature ability. A person must be within 100 meters for him to establish contact, but once a link is established, he can maintain it up to 10km away with light concentration.

Transfer 1 / 1 (Skill Flux only) (Deplete -4; costs 2 EP) // James can, if necessary, upload skills into someone elses’ head. This costs 2 EP but otherwise works like his own Skill Flux.

Caffeine 0/1. Regain EP regeneration for two hours if sleep deprived. Maximum 3 per day.

Item (Hand Gun) Weapon 3, Range 2. Total cost: 4 points.

Weapon: Information Overload
Weapon 0, Psychic 6, Irritant 3, Incapacitating 3 (non-psychics only) // 12 points. //Information Overload transfers great amounts of information into someones’ head, overloading their faculties and potentially shutting them down completely. Psychics suffer a -3 penalty to all actions; non-psychics are Incapacitated for one minute. The effect can be resisted with either (Mind or Soul) + Mind Shield against a difficulty of 15, which is rolled after the attack hits. It deals no damage.

Skills (Total 34) (Modern Law Enforcement):

Administration (Running Numbers) 3 / 3
Burglary (Safe Cracking) 1 / 3
Computers (Databases) 1 / 2 (Psychic powers are disturbed by digital technology, but sometimes one doesn’t have a choice)
Domestic Arts (Cooking) 1 / 1 (James is a big Jamie Oliver fan)
Electronics (Security) 1 / 2
Law (Criminal) 1 / 3
Police Sciences (Forensics) 2 / 6
Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket) 1 / 2
Stealth (Concealment) 1 / 2
Street Sense (Asking Around) 1 / 2
Useless Trivia (Showing Off) 5 / 5
Writing (Journalistic) 3 / 3

Defects (Total -6):

Less Capable: Body (Endurance) // -1 point. James is mildly asthmatic, and suffers -1 points on endurance-based body tasks.
Not So Tough -2 // 5 less Health Points than normal.
Insomnia -3 // James’ psychic sensitivity makes it difficult for him to sleep. A Soul Stat roll is required, at no bonus, difficulty 12, to shut out psychic interference while in the field. On a failure, James loses 1 EP instead of regaining any, during the night.

TOTAL: 275 points

Derived Traits
Health: 35
Energy Points: 15
ACV: 5 / 6 (6 with handgun)
DCV: 5

Unarmed Strike, Accuracy 5, Damage 5
Handgun, Accuracy 6, Damage 21
Information Overload, Accuracy 5, Damage 0. Resist Difficulty 15 on a Mind + Mind Shield roll.


James Jerusalem grew up in a working-class family in New Jersey. A prodigal child, he showed early excellence in school, and quickly gained ambitions to go beyond his father’s position (that of a plumber). He became engrossed in his school newspaper, and enrolled in Princeton on a journalism scholarship – but never had time to finish his education. He found PSI first.

PSI were, in fact, at Princeton to scout for talents, but never managed to find James as he kept to himself a lot. He, however, discovered them – mysterious Agents searching through campus, apparently well-connected and curiously able to avoid detection by others. His journalistic nose for trouble led him straight to the agents – who promptly offered him a choice. Join us, or have your abilities permanently disabled. James chose the former.

While his mother quietly died of pneumonia back home, James was put through rigorous training by the Agency, teaming him up with a pscyhoportation specialist called Ray “Gate” Reagan. Ray would become something of James’ mentor during their first few missions, a duo that soon turned into a trio with the addition of Emily Short to the team.

The trio didn’t last long. Just a few weeks after Emily’s recruitment, Ray Reagan disappeared under mysterious circumstances; the Agency claimed he had betrayed them. James has found this difficult to believe, but Ray Reagan was never an easy man to track – given his ability to teleport vast distances, and his supreme psychic training shielding him from psionic detection.

James and Emily have worked together for a few years since, and recently, the Agency have appointed them to the position of mentoring a new Agent, as well as serving as handlers for a consultant.

James front red

James "Link" Jerusalem

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