Jasper "Silk" Grayson


Name: Jasper Grayson
Alias: SILK
Age: 27

Body 4
Mind 5
Soul 6

Attributes (58 pts):

Alternate Identity 1 / 2 //Jasper is fantastic at impersonating people. This ability represents one alter ego that he keeps prepared – he can change the details of it between missions. Changing into this alter ego requires no roll, and success is automatic.

Combat Technique 1 / 2 (Concealment) //Jasper excels at hiding things on his person. He usually doesn’t use it for weapons, but in times of dire need he may have to. Success is automatic.

Defence Combat Mastery 1 / 10 //Jasper is a shifty guy, and knows how to zig-zag in combat.

Divine Relationship 2 / 4 //Represents pure luck. Provides 2 re-rolls per session, or 4 in longer sessions.

Environmental Influence: Emotions 1 / 2 //Jasper can affect the mood of the room, if he’s so inclined. This has no mechanical effect, but is useful for stunting purposes.

Features: Beautiful Appearance 1 point

Illusion 4 / 12 (+4 Extra Senses, +3 Extra Targets, -3 Unique Restriction: Misdirection Only) //Mechanically, Jaspers’ Misdirection ability manifests as the ability to create illusions as large as a 100-meter radius. These illusions can fool all five senses, but break under close scrutiny, because they deceive only the mind. Anything that draws attention to a flaw in the illusion breaks it, and sustained interaction with the illusion is not possible. Unless broken, the illusions last for as long as Jasper focuses.

Melee Attack: Unarmed 1 / 3 //Some self-defense training.

Mind Shield 1 / 2 //Basic shielding from psychic powers.

Organizational Ties 1 / 2 (Consultant) //While he has some ties to PSI, Jasper is able to utilize nearly none of their resources.

Sensory Block 5 / 10 //Jasper can confuse all of the five mundane senses, imposing a penalty on them by providing a distraction of any kind.

Sixth Sense (Emotional State) 1 / 2 // Jasper is not a trained psychic, and cannot detect psionic
powers. His innate abilities make him superior at reading peoples’ emotions, however.

Weapon: Unarmed Strike 1 / 2 //Some self-defense training.

Item: Tiny Handgun (Weapon 2, Range 2) 4 points

Skills (44 points):

Cultural Arts (Cinema) 3 / 3
Disguise (Impersonation) 2 / 4
Empathy (I Can Smell A Sucker) 1 / 3
Etiquette (Upper Class) 4 / 4
Forgery (Electronic Documents) 2 / 4
Gaming (Gambling) 2 / 2
Languages (French, Chinese, Italian) 3 / 3
Medical (First Aid) 1 / 2
Performing Arts (Oratory) 3 / 3
Persuasion (Sucking Up) 2 / 4
Seduction (Emotional) 2 / 4
Sleight of Hand (Card Sharking) 2 / 4
Stealth (Crowds) 1 / 2
Street Sense (Scam Artists) 1 / 2

Defects (-2 total):

Wanted -2 //Jasper is wanted for various crimes. PSI have done their best to smooth this over, but many officers still remember his face from “WANTED FOR FRAUD” messages.

TOTAL: 250 points

Derived Traits
Health: 50
Energy Points: 11
ACV: 5 / 6 (6 unarmed)
DCV: 6

Unarmed Strike, Accuracy 6, Damage 11
Tiny Handgun, Accuracy 5, Damage 15. Range 100 meters. Effective range 20 meters.


Jasper Grayson is a man who excels at slipping through the cracks. He’s had multiple identities over the years, and has somehow managed to elude detection ever since his high school years; he’s listed under a fake name in his yearbook.

Discovering his psychic abilities at a young age, Jasper never really cultivated them – instead, he turned them to use in providing him with the good things in life. He became a master con artist, capable of walking into high-security facilities with a bottle-cap “police badge” and a library card “ID”, or handily withdrawing large amounts of cash from someone elses’ account by providing the bank teller with a very convincing-looking old newspaper.

PSI have been on his heels for years, but never quite managed to catch up – until he passed the age for recruitment, and became a lost cause. Agents were ordered to kill him, disposing of him as a dangerous rogue psychic. Perhaps that might have happened, too, had not mundane authorities found him first.

Jasper got sloppy. A catastrophic slip-up where he tried to escort a friend out of jail resulted in his arrest; he had the misfortune of encountering a policeman with nascent psychic powers, which provided him with immunity. Held in a holding cell at the prison, he was approached by the woman known as Mastermind.

Maybe Mastermind intended to kill him, and Jasper just persuaded her not to. Or, perhaps, her intentions were different from the start. Whatever the case, she didn’t – instead she offered him a position as a consultant. They couldn’t recruit him as a fully certified Agent – one would have to be insane to trust Jasper Grayson to that degree – but perhaps they could make his criminal record go away if he turned his talents towards helping the Agency. Jasper, left with not much of a choice, agreed.

Jasper "Silk" Grayson

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