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It is the Age of Aquarius, a two-thousand year long era that had its dawn in 1960. Astrologers have marked it as an age of increased communication, a blossoming of the human soul, an expansion of the human mind. Astrologers have been – perhaps coincidentally – correct.

In the 1950s, the US Government made investigations into psychic abilities for purposes of dealing with the Cold War. They discovered that such abilities did, indeed, exist – and silenced the whole thing down just in time, because as the Age of Aquarius dawned, more and more psychic powers began manifesting across the world. The US created a shadow organization called PSI to monitor these paranormal activities.

At first, it was simple – a telepath here, a poltergeist there – but as the new Age progressed, powers grew more and more frequent, and more and more powerful. Fifty years after the Age of Aquarius began, psychics are capable of incredible feats – they can leap over buildings, shatter stone with their minds, or erase years of memory from a person’s mind. The Agents of PSI are no longer merely observers – they are caught up in a world-spanning war for dominion over the human mind, as powers manifest in everything from cult leaders, to terrorists, to clueless fucks who rob grocery stores. The public is kept in the dark, but every day the conspiracy becomes more and more difficult to maintain.

You are its guardians. You are the Men In Black, whose job it is to suppress rogue activities, keep people safe, and – more importantly – keep people in the dark. It is imperative that the public does not find out.

There are reasons. Further information is not available here.

Home Page

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