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The Agency has certain rules and instructions that need to be followed in the field. See Protocol for further information.


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Digital Technology
For some reason, digital technology interferes with psychic activities. Telepaths describe it as a sort of “static”, an annoying noise which breaks your concentration. For this reason, Agents of PSI avoid using cellphones or computers whenever possible. Wireless Internet seems to be the biggest problem, with old-fashioned cell phones being the safest – but most Agents rely on land lines or simply telepathy when they need to send a message.

Known commonly as “ghosts”, these are actually psychic projections, usually created by living people but sometimes manifested by dead minds. Simple creatures driven by impulse, most ghosts are harmless but some cause serious damage, by haunting, practicing telekinesis, or otherwise using their innate psychic abilities. Ghost-hunting is the usual routine task for agents of PSI. Ghosts manifested by living creatures are typically some form of suppressed urge given shape – while the ghosts of the dead are imprints of the living person, trying to carry out some task or fulfilling some last urge, a shadow of their former self.

Ghosts usually manifest at night. The theory is that the ambient energy of sleeping people, their minds engaged in dreaming, makes it easier for ghosts to affect the physical world.

Rogue Psychics
Rogue psychics need to either be pacified, brought under the control of PSI, or when either option isn’t possible, destroyed. Many are driven mad by the voices in their head, and turn to acts of horrific violence, for which reason the Agents must often step in at an early stage. Each rogue psychic is filed under one of three categories by the Agency: Recruited, Pacified, or Inhumed.

The Crimson Scorpion
Originally a branch of the KGB, the psychic agents in the Crimson Scorpion have since gone rogue – or at least, that’s what the Russian government claims. They appear to operate independently, sending their psychic agents to gather intelligence on important political figures, or mind-controlling people into acts of terrorism. Their ultimate plan is unknown, but they are openly enemies of the US government and seek to bring down the PSI department. As an enemy Agency, they operate similarly to PSI, and their agents are often encountered on American soil. Extreme prejudice is advised against them.

The Silent Ones
An organization originating in East Asia, the Silent Ones are a fraternity of psychics. While not an outright enemy of PSI, they believe in the superiority of psychic people and have no qualms about establishing cults or making people their slaves. They are known under various pseudonyms, most commonly another languages’ word for “Silence”. PSI considers many of their members threats, but has so far, not taken a stance against the fraternity as a whole.

The Lodge
There is, of course, no such thing as the Lodge. Rumors among Agents say it’s an ancient organization of psychics, dating back much further than PSI, that originated in Europe. Sometimes referred to as “The Illuminati” or “The Circle” or “The Council” or any number of other creative monikers. You need not worry about it.

Other… things
Psychic spiders, brain parasites, disembodied limbs that move on their own; there are plenty of bizarre cases in the files of PSI.

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