These are the principles and protocols which Agents must obey.

I. It is imperative that the public does not find out.

In order to keep the Agency secret, Agents are encouraged to leave as few trails as possible.

Agents are not outfitted with any form of ID badges – not even fake ones – in the event that they should be killed, and must identify each other solely through words, phrases, or psychic communication. Common phrases used to identify an Agent are inquiries about “further information”, or asking “What is your sign?”. The proper responses are “Further information is not available here” and “Aquarius”, respectively. Commonly the answers are transferred telepathically, rather than spoken.

If questioned by anyone, including the police, Agents are permitted to use any psychic power at their disposal to deal with the problem. PSI can and does hand out FBI identifications if they deem it absolutely necessary, but prefer to avoid it – it risks creating a paper trail.

Agents in the field address each other by their code names, if appropriate preceded by “Mr.” or “Miss”. The code names are rarely changed (it gets very complicated to keep track of Agents without some form of permanent tag) but Agents are free to invent their own first names.

II. Uncontrolled psychic activity is a threat.

PSI is very clear about this – psychics are dangerous. When dealing with a ghost or a hostile Aquarius, Agents have a license to kill anyone who stands in their way – in extreme cases, some have walked across the bodies of parents to get to their children.

When dealing with rogue psychics, the first priority is to pacify them (usually knocking them unconscious), thereafter to either disable their abilities, recruit them, or if deemed necessary, kill them. Agents must ask permission from their superiors to recruit, but not to kill and may always kill in self-defense. Uncontrolled psychic activity is dangerous, and PSI prefers losing potential recruits over having them kill experienced agents.

III. The Agency is at war.

PSI does not mess around. Uncontrolled psychic activity is one matter, but organized psychics are a direct threat to the very freedom of human thought. When dealing with enemy organizations such as the Crimson Scorpion, or with talented psychics using their abilities for their own gain, Agents are effectively soldiers. This does not mean that an Agent kills anyone who wears a red scorpion on sight – it merely means that Agents are instructed to be extremely cautious around anyone they suspect of working with the enemy.

Agents who betray PSI are mercilessly killed. Information is too precious a resource, and PSI does not have time or resources to put people on trial.


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